25 фраз на английском про любовь

25 английских фраз про любовь

 Ко дню всех влюбленных! 

Самая полная подборка фраз и выражений, которые описывают романтические отношения на английском языке! 

 to go steady with someone – to be in a relationship with someone
 to have a crush on someone – to be attracted to someone
 to hit it off – to immediately get on with someone
 to pop the question – to propose marriage
 to settle down with someone – to adopt a steady and stable lifestyle with someone
 to take someone’s breath away – to inspire the feeling of awe in someone
 to tie the knot – to marry
 to whisper sweet nothings – to whisper words of affection
 two’s company, three’s a crowd – two people, especially two people who are in love, should be left alone
 a match made in heaven – a relationship/pairing in which each member/part perfectly complements the other
 better half – partner/spouse
 birds of a feather flock together – people who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company
 to get hitched – to get married
 head over heels – intensely in love
 love is blind – when you love someone, you no longer see/care about their faults
 love me, love my dog – if you love someone you must acсept everything about them including their faults
 lovey-dovey – romantic and affectionate
 other half – partner/spouse
 puppy love – intense, new, and usually superficial love (often said in reference to love experienced by teenagers)
 the apple of someone’s eye – the person someone adores
 those three little words – the words ‘I love you’
 to be hung up on someone – to long for/be obsessed with someone
 to fall for – to fall in love with
 to (take a) fancy (to) someone – to become fond of/attracted to someone
 to fix/set someone up – to arrange a meeting between two people in the hope that they might develop a romantic connections